David Barnett


David Barnett is Reader in Drama at the University of Sussex, UK.

He studied German at the University of Nottingham (BA 1991), German Drama at the University of Bristol (MA 1992), and completed a doctorate entitled ‘"Literatur ist dazu da, dem Theater Widerstand zu leisten": Textual Problems and Theatrical Realization in the Later Plays of Heiner Müller’ at St Anne’s College, Oxford (DPhil 1996).

He has taught at the various colleges of Oxford University (1996-8), the University of Huddersfield (1998-2003), Ludwig Maxilimilians Universität, Munich (2002), University College Dublin (2004-6) and the University of Sussex (2006-the present).

He has published books on Heiner Müller (1998) and Rainer Werner Fassbinder (2005) as well as many essays on German and English-language, political and postdramatic plays and theatre. He is currently researching the history of the Berliner Ensemble with a British Academy Research Development Award and an AHRC Fellowship.

His publications on Heiner Müller are:

Literature versus Theatre. Textual Problems and Theatrical Realization in the Later Plays of Heiner Müller (Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 1998)

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