Helene Varopoulou

Theaterwissenschaftlerin, Übersetzerin

Ηelena Varopoulou was born in Argostoli, Kephallonia, in 1945.

She studied at the University of Athens and holds a degree in Law.

She completed her theatrical studies in France, at the Sorbonne Institut of Theatrical Studies, Paris III, while she got specialized in Theatre
Aesthetics and holds a degree from the University Paris III.

She has also studied Sciences and Techniques of Expression and Communication, at the Sciences and Techniques of Expression and Communication departement of the University Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III, and she went on with her studies on the Sociology of Art at the Ecole Pratique des hautes etudes of the University Paris III.

Today she is artistic director of the Argos Festival, artistic
co-director (along with Dimitris Maragopulos) of the Musical Passages of
the Athens Concert Hall, and member specialized in theatre in the
Advising Council of the Athens Concert Hall.

She is theatre critic and journalist specialized in european cultural subjects for the newspaper To Vima.

She has taught at the Department of Theatre Studies of the Athens and Patras Universities.

She was also a member of the Advising Committee for the festivals of the Ministry of Tourism. For many years, she was president of the Greek Centre of the International Theatre Institut and vice-president of the Greek departement of the European Journalists' Union.

She writes essays and theoretical articles on theatre, art and culture. She has translated from German into Greek a series of works by Heiner Mueller. She has also translated the text "The Narration of Maid Zerline" by Hermann Broch which was staged by the Aplo Theatro. The translations of the plays "Verkommenes Ufer", "Medeamaterial",
"Landschaft mit Argonauten" and "Quartet" by Heiner Mueller were staged by the Attis theatre of Athens.

She took part in international conferences and conferences of the University of Thessaloniki with introductions and interventions.

She worked as a dramatist for the contemporary opera "The return of Helene" by Thanos Mikroutsikos, a production of the Athens Concert Hall in 1993.

She participated in various cultural institutions and in decentralized theatres. Finally, being the representative of Greece in Brussels (1988 - 1990), she is a member of the Commission of the specialists who cooperated for the project "The Theatre in the European

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