Roberto Paci Dalò

bildender Künstler, Komponist

Born 1962 in Rimini.

Italian artist Roberto Paci Dalò (theatre & film director, composer/musician, visual artist) has presented his work in the major festivals, theatres and museums in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Israel, Latin America, Mexico, Middle East, Russia, USA. Among the others: Venice Biennale, Wien Modern, MaerzMusik Berlin, Ars Electronica Festival, Vienna Opera House, SH Contemporary Shanghai, Musica Strasbourg, Budapest Autumn Festival. His work has won him international admiration from, among the others, John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov. Roberto leads the ensemble Giardini Pensili devoted to theatre and music-theatre projects often related to innovative video and sound technologies. Collaborations include Kronos Quartet, Robert Lippok, David Moss, Mouse on Mars, Scanner, Giorgio Agamben, Massive Attack, Gabriele Frasca. In 1993-1994 guest of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD. Co-founder in 2014 of The School of Radio. Professor of Interaction Design at San Marino University / IUAV Venice.

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